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Richie Contartesi is a Keynote Speaker and the #1 Best Selling Author of “In Spite of the Odds. He is President & Founder of Richie Contartesi International and Relentless University, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.”

As a Professional Keynote Speaker, Richie helps organizations engage, develop and retain there multi-generational workforce. And he helps the younger generation prepare for life after school.

Richie Contartesi

President & Founder

Customers reviews

It fits the content. Enjoyed the contents of this training. Meat and potatoes !! Easy to follow and very thorough delivery.
Ronald Ford
Consolidated Communications
Great Goal Setting Techniques. I like enjoyed the lesson on goal setting. I completed the worksheet. And, the roadmap for completing your goals. I don't think people stress goals enough as positive affirmations driving you toward your ultimate goal. Excellent. Richie is very inspiring. Thank you!
Dean Osmundson
Consolidated Communications
Good reminder of the importance of setting goals, overcoming obstacles and to achieve your why or purpose in life.
Mike Coffelt
ABC Supply
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